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Fish Stocking- What You Need to Know!

Ponds and water features are beautiful additions to properties but you may be one of many people looking for a way to be more engaged with their project. Fish Stocking is a great way to do that! From watching the kids feed the fish, to waiting a few years to grow the 20 lb monster - stocking your pond with trout can add hours of enjoyment!

The thought of stocking your pond for the first time can be intimidating but we have the go-to list to help you make sure your pond is ready to go for stocking in the spring.

  • -Check with local government regarding rules and licensing requirements

    • Ex. Alberta requires a “Fish Culture License” to be held by person purchasing fish

    • More info can be found HERE - Alberta Fish Culture License

  • Ensure pond has adequate aeration.

    • Fish need high oxygen levels in the water to survive. Our team can help you determine the aeration your pond needs and how to get it set up.

    • Think your pond has enough oxygen? Maybe it does! But to ensure oxygen levels are high enough through the entire pond depth the oxygen level must be tested. Oxygen levels must be consistently above 5 ppm throughout the entire pond depth to sustain fish

  • Call your local fish farm (Within Alberta – Ackenberry Trout Farm) to reserve your fish for summer stocking

  • Book fish pick up or delivery of your fish in spring.

  • Ensure aeration is running and your pond is in good shape before fish pick up

Want to go further? See just how big your fish can grow? The tips below will enhance fish health and growth rates.

  • Feed your fish! This is a fun way to interact with fish as they learn to come up to the surface for food

    • If fed good quality food on a regular basis, fish can grow up to an inch a month!

  • Enhance your water quality for fish

    • Reduce weed and algae growth

    • Pond Dye blocks sunlight making it difficult for weeds and algae to grow

    • Good Bactera (like probiotics for your pond) reduce sludge buildup and use up nutrients that weeds and algae would otherwise live off.

  • Predator control for fingerlings – protect fish from herons, cormorants and birds of prey!

    • Pond Dye is a great predator control for your fish - makes it difficult to impossible for the birds to see the fish! The darker the better!

Stocking fish may seem like a big job but it’s extremely rewarding and quite simple. Have any questions? Pond Pro Canada is sister company to Ackenberry Trout Farm and their experts are happy to answer your questions. Contact us at for advice!

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