Pond and Lake Dye

Ackenberry Trout Farm uses and sells a variety of blue and black Canadian-made, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic pond dyes.

Ackenberry Trout Farm has treated nearly 500 ponds in Alberta with our pond and lake dye.

Pond and lake dyes create visually appealing and healthy ponds. Dyes are great water management tools as they block sunlight from reaching problem weed and algae, which is common in Alberta.

Ackenberry Trout Farm carries Pond Pro Blue Pond & Lake Dye and Pond Pro Turquoise Pond & Lake Dye


Each 4 ounce Solupack will treat 200,000 gallons of water.  Pond Pro Pond & Lake Dye Solupaks are available in individual 4 ounce packets, 3 packets, and 6 packets. Simply remove outer plastic bag and toss Solupack into the middle of the pond.

Ackenberry Trout Farm also carries True Blue EZ Solupaks and Jet Black EZ Solupaks.




Each Solupak will treat 1 acre foot (325,000 gallon of water). True Blue and Jet Black Solupaks are available as individual 5.25 ounce packets, cartons of 6 packets, or cases of 4 cartons (24 packets) so you can treat any sized pond or lake. 

natural blue pond and lake dye for pond algae treatment that is safe for fish clear blue or black dye
Pond Pro Blue Pond Dye for lakes, ponds, dugouts great for algae control
Turquoise Pond Dye from Pond Pro Canada perfect for lakes, dugouts and ponds

Pond Pro Lake and Pond Dye (Blue and Turquoise)

True blue and jet balck pond dye safe for ponds lakes and dugout for clear blue water and algae treatment ideal for golf courses, ponds, and lakes