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Aeration For Fish Ponds

Aeration is crucial to the success of trout in your pond or lake!

Fish need oxygen to survive and aeration is critical to ensure you are succesful in stocking your pond. 

Most ponds in Alberta are eutrophic, meaning they have very low oxygen rates. Your fish simply can't survive in this on their own. Trout need oxygen levels to consistently stay above 5 ppm at all pond depths in order to survive. Aeration is particularly crucial in winter, when oxygen levels can plummet and prompt a fish kill. That's where bottom diffused aeration comes in!

Bottom diffused aeration ensures oxygen is introduced on the pond bottom which then spreads throughout the pond and cycles all water, preventing a stagnant, swampy pond. 

There are multiple aeration options!

We recommend electric aeration, such as our Can-Air systems for the most efficient and reliable aeration, however we also carry windmill and solar aeration options.

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