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Ackenberry Trout Fingerlings

Trout Available

Our rainbow trout are grown in an environmentally friendly, humane indoor recirculating facility. 

Our trout farm is certified disease-free and is tested every year by federal officials. 

Rainbow Trout only will be available for Spring 2024; however, they will sell out fast as these will be the only trout available for 2024 and they are a limited quantity! 

Please order ASAP to reserve yours - first come first serve! Your order is not confirmed until your Deposit is paid.

For fish prices, Click Here

License Requirements

We can only sell fish within Alberta, and as per legislation, all customers MUST hold an Alberta Fish Culture License for fish to leave our property. 

While it is a simple application, the process of getting a license can be slow, so it should be applied for as soon as possible. Click here for more information on obtaining a license.

How to Get Trout?

It's easy to get trout from Ackenberry Trout Farm! Our pond & fish experts are here to help ensure your fish pond is a success. 

We sell out early! Fish should be reserved as soon as possible, but by March at the latest. You can order online or by calling our office at

780-878-3839 if you are unable to fill out the online fish order form. 

ALL fish orders for 2024

 need to be picked up


Opening is May 1st or the first business day thereafter (weather dependent). Fish must be picked up by June 15th. We will be open Saturdays during this time to accommodate fish being picked up. 

To Schedule Your Fish Pick-Up

Click Here

Please note, we require a copy of your license at the time of placing your order, and also a 50% deposit to reserve/secure your fish. Your order will not be reserved/confirmed without a deposit being paid.  Fish Sizes are NEVER guaranteed when placing your order and paying your deposit.  Sizes can vary (bigger or smaller) and as such prices may be adjusted accordingly at the time the fish are picked up to reflect this.

By reserving your fish with the deposit, we will hold them until May 31st.  Arrangements will need to be made with Ackenberry Trout Farm if your fish are not picked up by this date.

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