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Water Clarifiers

Ackenberry Trout Farm stocks a variety of Canadian-made, all-natural and safe water clarifier treatments. Ackenberry trusts and relies on Pond Pro's QuikClear Pond Clarifier for an easy-to-apply turbidity treatment for small and larger ponds, as well as Slime Away for powerful oxygen-based cleaning for ponds, rocks, waterfalls and other water features.


These products are tried and true to the health of Ackenberry's operation. Pond Pro's water clarifier treatments are incredibly easy to apply (just sprinkle it directly into your pond/affected areas), with rapid results. Customers have always been drawn to these treatments due to their easy application and its successful results in ponds with aeration. 

Over 90% of customers who have purchased this product, buy the product in future years! 

Ackenberry Trout Farm offers unbeatable prices on water clarifier products for ponds, dugouts and lakes!




Improve the health of your pond today!

Learn more about Ackenberry's selection of Pond Pro Canada's all-natural water clarifier treatments today by viewing the product sheets below. 

Natural flocculent quikclear water clarifier for large lakes and ponds to reduce water turbidity

QuikClear Product Sheet 

QuikClear natural water clarifier flocculent for ponds and lakes
natural and safe quikclear water clarifier to clear water in ponds

Slime Away Product Sheet 

Slime away oxygen pond cleaner for rocks waterfalls and pond liners
natural oxygen based pond and waterfall cleaner slime away clears debirs and slime in pond
easy to apply pond oxygen cleaner to remove slime and gunk from ponds and rocks slime away
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