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Ackenberry Trout Farm

quality and natural pond products, aeration systems and the best trout stock in Alberta at Ackenberry Trout Farms

Serving pond and lake needs for over 20 years!

Located in central Alberta, Ackenberry Trout Farm is Alberta's leading supplier of Certified disease free Rainbow Trout fingerlings to stock ponds or lakes.

With over 20 years of proven trout, pond and aeration expertise Ackenberry Trout Farm ensures that our rainbow trout are produced in our environmentally friendly indoor recirculating facility. The Ackenberry facility is Certified Disease Free with a current Department of Fisheries and Oceans certification.

natural and clear aerated pond stocked with trout

Ackenberry Trout Farm also carries an array of Pond Pro Canada products to meet your lake and pond needs. 

Ackenberry Trout Farm has many high quality and environmentally friendly products to make your lake or pond look its best.

Our in-house biologist, Lorne Louden (BSc), offers consulting services to aid lake managers in pond construction, aeration, algae problems, and water quality issues. 


Lorne custom designs Lake Aeration Systems and Algae Control Methods using nutrient samples and lake maps for long term solutions. 

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