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Kasco Marine JF Decorative Floating Fountain with Multiple spray nozzles and fountain lights

Multi-Pattern Decorative Fountains 

Ackenberry Trout Farm, located in Alberta, is Western Canada's leading retailer of Kasco Marine's multi-pattern decorative floating fountains. We stock 3/4HP - 7.5HP fountains and can supply up to 40 HP fountains. Kasco Marine's J-Series Fountains also come standard with interchangeable spray nozzels, allowing you to continuously change the display.  With such a variety you can be sure to find a multi-pattern decorative floating fountain to suit your pond, lake, and style!

Kasco multi-pattern decorative aerating pond and lake fountain displays with LED light kits

Pond and Lake Aeration 

Ackenberry Trout Farm carries a wide variety of  decorative floating fountains in Alberta. Floating fountains provide elegant displays for golf courses, resorts, municipalities, and commercial or residential lots.  


Multi-pattern floating fountains are not only decorative, they help aerate the water as well. 

Aeration is crucial to the success of trout in your pond or lake! 

When a floating fountain is not sufficient enough to aerate your pond, or added aeration is needed, consider aeration systems. Ackenberry Trout Farm relies on electrical aeration systems to keep our trout alive and healthy. We stock and supply a variety of aeration systems including electrical, solar, or wind powered to perfectly compliment your multi-pattern decorative fountain!

Fountains in Alberta 

Floating fountains are easy to install, normally taking less than an hour. In Canada's northern climate where ponds and lakes freeze over the winter months, it is recommended that fountains are removed during colder months. Removal and installation are quick and simple for one person to manage. Easy installation and set-up allows us to enjoy dramatic visual displays even in Alberta!

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