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Pond and Lake Bacteria Treatment

Microorganisms are naturally abundant in aquatic ecosystems. In eutrophic ponds, some microorganisms thrive and contribute to odours and murky/sludgy waters. But wait... Not all microorganisms are bad news!


Pond and Lake bacteria can actually contribute to pond health by competing for nutrients, by reducing ammonia, nitrate, and phosphate to inhibit algae growth, and aid in organic waste and sludge digestion to clarify murky waters. 

Ackenberry Trout Farm carries an array of Canadian-made Pond Pro NaturalClear Pond and Lake Bacteria treatments as well as Muck Pellets. These products are tried and true to the health of Ackenberry's operation. NaturalClear bacteria treatment products are water-soluble packets that are simply tossed into the pond, lake, or dugout. Customers have always been drawn to NaturalClear's easy application and its successful results in ponds with aeration. 

Over 90% of customers who have purchased this product, buy the product in future years. 

Ackenberry Trout Farm offers unbeatable prices on large quantities of NaturalClear and Muck Pellets products for large lakes and communities. 

Bacteria treatments are excellent seasonal (Spring/Summer/Fall) solutions to improve the health of your pond, lake or dugout!  Bacteria treatments are most successful when combined with diffused aeration. Added aeration provides oxygen for aerobic bacteria to digest organic matter more effectively and efficiently. 

Check out Ackenberry Trout Farm's selection of aeration systems


pond and lake bacteria packs for easy to use in problem green pond work well with aeration
Muck Pellets Bacteria Treatment

Biologist Recommended Solutions 

Our in-house Biologist, Lorne Louden (BSc) has created bacteria formulas to suit the needs of any sized pond, lake or dugout.

Pond Pro Canada's NaturalClear Pond and Lake Bacteria also provides extra-strength biologist recommended formulas for large volume water bodies. 

Ultimately, this  bacteria treatment is effective for algae and weed control, water clarification, sludge removal and phosphate reduction among many other benefits. With easy-to-use water soluble packets, this all-natural and economical solution is essential to ensuring your pond's health. It can be applied in many recommended doses and formulas to tackle even lagoons, retention ponds, wastewater, dugout, and larger bodies of water!

Improve the health of your pond today!

Learn more about Ackenberry's selection of Pond Pro Canada's all-natural bacteria and muck pellet pond & lake treatments by viewing the product sheets below. 

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