Compressor Maintenance

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Every year we get multiple calls from people reporting their compressor “died”. While the obvious solution to them is to get a new compressor, often the solution is much simpler and budget-friendly!

All air compressors require some maintenance! However, there are two specific aspects of compressor maintenance that are crucial: rebuilds and air filters.

Kasco Marine Teich-Aire Compressors (and most other air compressors) are due for a rebuild every 18 months. Kits are available to make rebuild simple. A video to walk you through the rebuild is coming soon!

If properly maintained, your compressor can easily last up to 10 years. Rebuilds are incredibly crucial to ensure your compressor does not fail, particularly in the winter. If your compressor fails during the winter, your fish can’t survive without oxygen. Many people opt to have a back-up compressor handy to swap out in case of a compressor failure.

Have a different compressor? It will still require maintenance! Contact us to see if we have a