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Windmill Aeration can be a valuable tool to aerate your pond, dugout or lake. Windmill aerators have some limitations though. Windmills are a good option if there is no power available, howevr if power is within even 500 feet of the shoreline, electric aeration is a far more efficient and economical aeration solution.

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Ackenberry Trout Farms have noticed many ponds with old windmills have blue-green algae problems. This may happen because the pond bottom has become organically active, and the microbes use up oxygen very quickly. The bottom of the pond goes anerobic, and phophates and other nutrients are released at the pond bottom. When your windmill starts up again this nutrient rich water is mixed into the upper layers of your pond.  

Ackenberry Trout Farms sells Outdoor Water Solutions Windmills both wholesale and retail in Canada. These windmills produce more air than our older windmills using a larger blade, larger diaphram and balcam technology. To double the efficency of these we add two Robust-Aire™ Diffuser assemblies.

It is very important to size your windmill needs properly. Please contact our Biologist Lorne Louden if you want help sizing an aeration system for your pond. 

If the the pond bottom is organic coupled with high BOC values you may require more than one windmill.   Windy area's such as Brooks, Lethbridge, Pincher creek require less windmills. Other places in Alberta such as Edmonton, or Red Deer require more windmills.

You can improve your windmill performance by adding a more efficent air diffuser than the Manufacture supplied stone.  Ackenberry Trout Farms sells:


* Ackenberry Trout Farms offers sinking airline and improved air diffusers for all of the windmills.

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