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Welcome to Ackenberry Trout Farms

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lorneLocated in central Alberta, Ackenberry Trout Farms is Alberta's leading supplier of Certified disease free Rainbow Trout fingerlings to stock ponds or lakes.

Ackenberry Trout Farms also stocks the following pond products:

Alberta Lake and Pond Aeration Experts

Ackenberry Trout Farms are experts in Alberta Lake and Pond Aeration and provide an assortment of pond and lake supplies to their Western Canadian customers.

Ackenberry has sold over 750 Aeration Systems to their Canadian customers and have a professional installation team available.

Satisfying customers has been our goal for over 20 years.

Pond Pro

Satisfying customers across Canada for over 15 years, Ackenberry Trout Farm and their sister company PondPro Canada are located in central Alberta between Edmonton and Camrose.

Fingerling Stocking

kasco decorative fountain copyAckenberry Trout Farms supplies fingerling stock for ponds and provides everything needed to make you a successful "Pond Owner."

Do you have a Pond full of algae and weeds or dirty and smelly?

No problem, our Biologist, Lorne Louden has solutions for most ponds and lakes.

Ackenberry Staff use Polydex Algaecide throughout Alberta, to spot treat for hair algae, or treat the top meter of the water for bluegreen algae (cyanobacteria).

  • Ackenberry Trout Farms have treated many golf course ponds in the area of Edmonton, Grande Prairie and Calgary.

  • Ackenberry Trout Farms sells retail and wholesale to contractors and resellers.

Keep Your Pond Healthy and Attractive

Ackenberry Trout Farms can help you be a Successful Pond Owner. Contact Lorne Louden to find out how.

Ackenberry Trout Farms is an Alberta supplier of:mahogany002

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