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Ackenberry Trout Farm
Taking Orders For Spring 2023


quality and natural pond products, aeration systems and the best trout stock in Alberta at Ackenberry Trout Farms

Your supplier of trout, aeration, fountains and pond supplies

aerated fish pond water treatment for algae

Alberta's Fish & Pond Expert Since 1998

Ackenberry Trout Farm has been Alberta's trout, pond and aeration expert for over 20 years. Our family owned and operated trout farm is here to share our expertise!

Aeration for Canadian Fish Ponds From Alberta's Lake & Pond Aeration Experts

With over 3000 Aeration Systems sold and professionally installed to their Western Canadian customers, Ackenberry Trout Farm is your expert in Alberta lake and pond aeration and provides all required pond and lake supplies including

Electric Pond Aeration Systems

Windmill Pond Aeration Systems

Kasco Water Fountains

Pond Pro Products

Pond & Lake Dye


Pond & Lake Bacteria

Weed Razer and Rakers

Trout Fingerling Stocking for Alberta Ponds

bacteria treated and aerated pond stocked with fish

Ackenberry Trout Farm provides fingerling stock for ponds and provides everything needed to make you a successful Pond Owner.

Do you have a Pond full of algae and weeds or dirty and smelly?

No problem, our biologist, Lorne Louden has solutions for your pond or lake!

Contact our sister company Pond Pro Canada to speak with a pond pro team member.

pond aeration treatment in green pond with algae and weeds

Everything We Offer

Trout fish stocked in aerated natural treated pond
Kasco decorative fountains to aerate clear pond water
natural bacteria treatments and algaecide pond treatments for clear ponds
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