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Ackenberry Trout Farms Staff uses POLYDEX Algaecide throughout Alberta to spot treat for hair algae, or treat the top meter of the water for bluegreen algae (cyanobacteria). Ackenberry Trout Farms have treated many golf courses in the area of Edmonton, Grande Prairie and Calgary. 

Ackenberry Trout Farms sells retail and wholesale to contractors and resellers.

POLYDEX Algaecide

  • POLYDEX is a bacteriostatic algaecide for potable water sources, treatment and distribution systems providing long-term protection from algae, bacteria and their toxins. (Registered with Health Canada as a bacteriostatic algaecide and certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 60).

  • POLYDEX is the result of extensive research to develop an environmentally responsible mineral-based bacteriostatic algaecide. This innovative formula uses natural minerals to provide excellent control of algae, bacteria and mineral scaling in ponds, dugouts, lagoons, potable water storage tanks, and water distribution systems.

What is POLYDEX?

POLYDEX is a thoroughbred Canadian product. Polydex has an outstanding track record of controlling algae and bacteria in water environments for over 10 years.

Water Quality to Match Elegant Settings

  • POLYDEX is a unique solution containing electrostatically charged natural mineral ions. These ions attract and bond to negatively charged organisms stopping metabolism, causing death.

  • POLYDEX is a sensible alternative to synthetic compounds that negatively impact our environment. Equally important these minerals are essential micro-nutrients to plants, livestock and humans.

  • Use POLYDEX in ponds, potable water tanks, lagoons, canals, dugouts, waterscapes, etc, in minute concentrations (1:30,000 to 1:600,000) depending on the application.

What does POLYDEX do?

POLYDEX works! It controls micro-organisms while being user safe and environmentally responsible (i.e.: safe with fish and frogs). Performance is guaranteed when used according to directions.

POLYDEX is most cost-effective when used to protect water from algae and bacteria, i.e: "an ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure."

POLYDEX is self mixing and does not evaporate or lose efficacy due to instability. The biological efficacy of POLYDEX remains to provide residual protection for extended periods. Polydex is consumed only in the process of killing target microorganisms in treated water. Unlike chlorine and other popular oxidants, POLYDEX is not affected by UV rays.

Who uses POLYDEX?

POLYDEX is proven in municipal, agricultural and commercial applications where natural methods of biological protection of water are desired. Developers, hotel engineers, landscape and waterscape service companies, municipalities, livestock managers and farmers use Polydex to protect drinking, service and recreational water.

POLYDEX can maintain water lines, tanks and other containments free of algae, their toxins (which can effect color, taste and odour), suppress bacteria (including odour producing bacteria) as well as control biofilm and mineral scaling.

Environmentally Responsible

POLYDEX provides a proprietary ionized mineral matrix that effectively captures and carries copper ions (Cu++) evenly and in greater concentrations throughout a water environment for prolonged periods. Therefore control of micro-organisms is quicker, safer, less costly, and longer lasting under a wider variety of water conditions.

A British Columbia Research Corporation report on the bacteriostatic efficacy of POLYDEX against E.coli and Strep.faecalis, dated February 1993, concludes that, “In a hard water environment, the test results show that POLYDEX will be bacteriostatically active against the test organisms at temperatures of 20C and 35C, up to a dilution of 1:600,000 (0.1 mg Cu/L).” In soft water dilutions must be somewhat less in order to achieve the same efficacy.

Establishment Public Des Laboratoires Departmentaux

The Establishment Public Des Laboratoires Departmentaux, an independent testing laboratory in France tested and reported the bacteriostatic effectiveness of POLYDEX against 6 bacteria groups commonly used to evaluate drinking water quality using internationally recognized ISO test procedures.

These tests confirmed that POLYDEX water treatment properly applied can reduce indicator bacteria (i.e. E.coli, Coliform, others) counts to zero.

In South Africa the University of Fort Hare concluded from a test program that the study gave conclusive evidence that POLYDEX is effective for the removal of indicator organisms within the recommended limits of South African Water Quality Guidelines. Many national government agencies have accepted POLYDEXfor use to control algae in potable water supplies.

  • POLYDEX is registered by the Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency (an agency of Health Canada) as a bacteriostatic algaecide and Certified by NSF International per Standard 60 for use in drinking water.

  • POLYDEX is a user-friendly method of controlling microorganisms which can make humans ill or are commonly known to cause unsightliness, bad odor, and off taste in water storage containments, including potable water systems. NOTE: For algae control in ponds containing fish, consult Envir Eaufor the proper fish-compatible application rates.

  • POLYDEX is a responsible product used for drinking water applications. Chlorine-based algaecides kill microorganisms by oxidation.  When POLYDEXis assimilated by specific microorganisms, natural metabolic processes cease resulting in death of the organism.
  • Unlike Copper Sulphate POLYDEX does not precipitate or stratify. It stays evenly dispersed in water over a longer period providing continuous protection from micro-organisms when proper concentrations are maintained. POLYDEX uses the most biologically active species of copper – but in minute quantities, to achieve cost-effective results from very low application rates.

    Typically Copper Sulphate is effective only within a few days of its application and chelated copper products may be effective for up to 14 days whereas POLYDEXremains bio-available until assimilated by a microorganism providing on-going protection to the water.



10 Litres
20 Litres
115 Litres
200 Litres

Registered by Health Canada, NSF and other regulators

Ask about BIODEX, a derivative of POLYDEX. This sister product well known in agriculture, for its ability to control bacterial odours, control pathogenic bacteria and maintain liquification in fermenting organic substrates like manure or municipal sewage or organic industrial wastes 

POLYDEX Pond Volume, Product Use and Application Guide - TB-PX17

Opflow, Vol. 28, No. 3, March 2002, a publication of the American Water Works Association, presented an informative article by Gayle Newcombe and David Cook.

The focus was a cost comparison of different types of powdered activated carbon (PAC) as a method of removing fifty percent of MIB and geosmin from water in the treatment process of municipal water treatment plants.

The article describes the PAC treatment as a “steam activated coconut carbon, with a high level of activation” at a cost of $12,850 USD per 10 days dosing at 31 mg/L to reduce MIB from 20 to 10 mg/L concentrations in the process stream.

POLYDEX, a bacteriostatic algaecide, is less costly and more efficient than PAC for reducing algae-produced toxins and related odour, taste and colour. POLYDEX is a highly efficient, self-mixing liquid concentrate that stops algae in stored water. MIB and geosmin are compounds that are by-products of algae in water. 

POLYDEX kills algae and prevents its regrowth, thereby stopping MIB, geosmin, and any other algae-produced toxins and odourous gases at the source - in the water reservoir.In short, rather than add another product to an already overloaded treatment plant, put POLYDEX into the water before the treatment phase, control and prevent algae and other micro-organisms before they cause an increase in chemical and filtration demand inside the plant.

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