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Ackenberry Trout Farms stocks ponds and lakes with Rainbow Trout and Brook Trout throughout Alberta.

Ackenberry fish comes from a disease free hatchery or a partner trout farm. Pond stocking programs can include aeration designs to keep your fish alive and healthy for many years.

Please complete the following form if you wish to order fish for 2018:

Please note: In order to stock fish in Alberta you require a Recreational Fish Culture Licence number. We cannot stock your pond without this licence, and  we will require a copy as well. You can email the license to ackenberrytroutfarm@gmail.com

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Delivery Options

Please Note: Meet Delivery Truck is ONLY available for Up North locations. Meet truck at these locations: Grande Prairie, Valley View.

If Delivery Selected, please complete the following:

We prefer pick up here at the farm, we do have a few meet locations: Grande Prairie, Valley View, Calgary

For orders of 250 fish we may do a custom Delivery on a quote bases

The meet charge $100 fee . We include 3 barrel liners that will hold 150 6-8" fish.  Extra bags of oxygen are $7.00 each. 

Please note: Pickups will be available starting May 10/2018.

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Fish Quantity Orders

Order Rainbow Trout

Please note: Fish sizes are not guaranteed.


4-6: $2.25 /per fish:

5-7: $2.75/per fish:

6-8: $3.25 /per fish:

7-9: $3.95/per fish:

8-10: $4.95 /per fish

9-11: $5.25 /per fish:

Please Note:

We are 90% sold out and will be taking orders via email. These orders will be going in order of submissions after all our pre-orders are fulfilled by June 15th

Order Brook Trout

Please Note:

6-8", 7-9" Brook Trout will be available in May 2018. Please call on availability

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